Special Group Menu

For at least 26 people

Lunch : 25 €

starter + main course or main course + dessert + coffee
+ ¼ of wine a person

Lunch and dinner : 38 €

starter + main course + dessert or cheese + coffee
+ ¼ of wine a person


Terrine’s Chef
Salad Pomponnette
breaded and roasted Reblochon
Main courses
Fish of the Market
Saute of Veal in the grain mustard
Chuck of Beef and its parmesan sauce
Dessert of the day
Charlotte in the cottage cheese, red berries coulis
Pomponnettes’s cream slice

Menus on demand

Others more elaborated menus and at various prices are possible.
Please contact us for more details.


  1. Simone van Putten Dit:

    On saterday 31 August we woud like to have a simple lunch for 60 persons, main course, dessert and coffee. We are interestted in the € 25 lunch menu but with much simple maincourse then the suggestion mentioned. Is that possible?

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