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À La Pomponnette from 1909 to nowadays

à La Pomponnette From 1909 to nowadaysIn 1909, Arthur Delcroix opened his restaurant at 42 rue Lepic.
Becoming a friend of many painters like Poulbot, walls were quickly covered with paintings still here today.
In 1913, Poulbot and Arthur went to taste some wines in Seine and Marne, where they drank in “pomponnes”, glasses without
bottom that can’t hold still. Arthur returned to Montmartre three days later…. He kept an amazing memory of this taste and decided to rename his restaurant, simply called At Arthur, as À La Pomponnette. And Poulbot painted his sign!
Then begins a story that will always be linked to Montmartre, especially with the decision to create The Republic of Montmartre, where a painting represents the creators of this Republic. In 1923, so as to help Poulbot who had been banished from the “Place du Tertre” and had therefore no longer place for free care for children from poor families, Arthur sacrificed his hen house located at the bottom of the building yard and built a small house which became the clinic of the P’tits Poulbots!
The years passed and in 1933, he gave the turn to his eldest daughter Paule, known as Paulette, who had just married the Chief Cooker of the house, Pierre Carteron. In 1974, Pierre disappeared and Paulette, assisted by his daughter Claude, known as Coco, and
her husband Roger Moureau, continued to hold its establishment with a master hand. In 1991, Paulette also disappeared, but Coco and Roger, acting as absolute master with the bar, continued.
In 1993, Roger became ill and Coco decided to devote herself to heal Roger. Dominique and Catherine, their daughters, came to help them, thinking that it would only be for some months…but they eventuellay stayed! In 2004, Roger died but Coco continued with her daughters, assisted for some time by Julien, the eldest son of Catherine, who then represented the fifth generation! This fifth generation is consisted of four children: Julien, Arnaud, Laura and Grégory!
As you would have understood, La Pomponnette is not ready to be extinguished!


  1. Barry Chapman Dit:

    We had lunch at your restaurant yesterday (Sunday) and I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed it. The restaurant has a wonderful ambience and the food was superb. We were also lucky enough to be served by Julie who has to be the best waitress in Paris – if not the whole of France – so friendly, efficient and informative.
    I will recommend you to anybody I know who is coming to Paris

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